Milepost 14, Highway 128, Moab, Utah 84532
Tel: 435-259-3332 Fax: 435-259-5397
We will be closed for the winter.
Projected Reopening: April 2021! Stay tuned for more Info!
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Winemaking | Castle Creek Winery


Well made wine doesn't just happen over night. Some may fantasize at the art of wine making, but a winemaker knows that it takes many hours of cleaning, filtering, calculating, bottling, labeling, and diligent care to get one bottle of award winning wine.

Bottling Wine | Wine Making


All wine is bottled and labeled by hand. Bottling takes anywhere from 4-7 people, and requires teamwork. After bottling, the wine then has to be labeled and foiled. During the process guests can watch from a viewing room in the winery. On a good day a team can bottle as much as 2,000 gallons!

Events | Castle Creek Winery At Red Cliffs Lodge


The winery's upper level features a 5,000+ square foot hospitality area and a huge adjacent deck overlooking the Colorado River. You are welcome to reserve this area for seminars, private tastings, and parties. Daily tours are offered!

Milepost 14, Hwy 128, Moab, Utah 84532 Telephone:435-259-3332Fax:435-259-5397
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